Friday, April 27, 2007

A.C.T. Energy Drink Gaining Attention By Many

I think today had to be the craziest day in my entire history with M2C Global. I spent most of my day talking to people who are very interested in promoting the A.C.T. Energy Drink. Yesterday was very similar for me, but today was at least 3 times as busy as yesterday. I can imagine that it has been just as busy for many of the other dealers around the US. I guess the "buzz" is that A.C.T. Energy Drink works like we say it does, it costs less, lasts longer and it is better for you than the average energy drink you might find in your local store. A.C.T. Energy Drink customers absolutely do not want to run out of this product. My own experience is that customers continually reorder without being reminded and they remember how to log in and place reorders. For those who want to receive A.C.T. Energy Drink regularly, they can set it up on a scheduled delivery service to ensure it is delivered at the same time every month. Customers can set up their own wholesale purchasing account to order A.C.T. Energy Drink online at

Many dealers are already stocking the drink in local convenience stores. Retailers who want to carry the drink are welcome, if you own or run a store and want to discuss selling it in your store, contact Sheri Johnson, A.C.T. Energy Drink Beverage Distributor 404-475-7242

A.C.T. Energy Drink Recommended by Medical Doctors

I was quite surprised today when I called a lady who had just placed an a.c.t. energy drink order after signing up through my a.c.t. energy drink website today. I wanted to just call her to find out if she found all of the information she was looking for about the products and to see if she was just interested in buying for herself or if she was also looking at this as a potential home-based business opportunity for herself.

She explained to me that her daughter's doctor had recommended A.C.T. Energy Drink to her. She did try it and loves it and of course told her mother all about it so now she wants to try it too and get it out in her local retail market. She was very interested in approaching local convenience stores, beauty salons, gyms, etc. about carrying the new A.C.T. Energy Drink in the 12 oz. cans. I myself found the story very inspiring to hear a medical doctor was recommending the drink to his patients. I have already enjoyed the drink for nearly a year myself and it has helped me avoid artificial sweeteners and harsh caffeine anhydrous drinks.

To learn more about the A.C.T. Energy Drink business and how you can buy at cost, retail the products in your local business, or how you can start your own home-based energy drink beverage distribution business out of your home, contact us through We provide ultimate training, support and online marketing tools.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Recap of M2C Global Spring Conference in Dallas, TX

Recap of M2C Global Annual Spring Conference in Dallas, TX by Sheri Johnson from Atlanta, GA. The highlight of the conference was the Official Launch of the A.C.T. Energy Drink in 12 ounce cans (Healthy Energy Drink)

Monday, April 23, 2007

A.C.T. Energy Drink in 12 oz. Cans Now Available to Order!

The A.C.T. Energy Drink 12 oz. cans went live today for online ordering. Beverage distributors are already placing orders for them. All prices are wholesale at this time. More info at

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A.C.T. Energy Drink Cans Just Days Away

The A.C.T. Energy Drink in 12 ounce cans is only a few days away. Here is Eric Caprarese holding the A.C.T. Energy Drink can for all to see. The cans are to officially launch on April 21st. You can order them at wholesale once they are available by registering at and then logging in and clicking on orders. All prices will include shipping or freight.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Systrim Weight Loss by M2C Global Now Available

M2C Global has just this week released the newly repackaged weight loss product line Systrim. This includes a brand new product - Body Trim. I will be testing it out and sharing my review of the product. I just got mine in today, so I only got to try one of the tablets so far. I really liked the fact that it wasn't very large. In the testing of the product it was noted that some participants in the test had lost about 20 lbs in 30 days. I am sure that news alone will motivate many people to want to try the product. Retail price for Body Trim is $40 per bottle which includes 90 tablets. Instructions say to take one tablet 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. After reading the ingredients, it is an energizing formula with some of the same ingredients that you will find in A.C.T. Energy Drink, plus additional ingredients for weight loss.

Read my personal story about how these products have worked for me so far at