Friday, November 14, 2008

DrinkACT is Making it Easier to Get Paid

This will go live Sunday morning at 12:01am, an entirely new compensation plan that will get you paid faster and more often. I just know that this is going to make a huge difference for a lot of people. They are also making it easier to get promoted too. There is a Quick Start Plan to move up. Moving up always means more money, so this is a good thing. I am SO excited about the new enhancements and I am looking for some people who want to join the top team in DrinkACT that really want to make some money. If you don't know about DrinkACT, it's a healthy energy drink AND a weight loss drink. Matter of fact, we are also rolling out a new promo package featuring the 2 drinks that includes one box of each, it's called the 50/50 pack because it's (half & half), get it? More information about this exciting business you can run from your home at

Now DrinkACT is enrolling and accepting orders from new dealer in Sierra Leone, bringing us up to 41 countries at this time.