Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Suzanne Somers - Sip Of Sunshine™ - New Product Coming Soon to DrinkACT

DrinkACT will soon be releasing a new product from Suzanne Somers' Suzanne Essentials™ - Sip of Sunshine™ - which is already predicted to be a sure hit with the ladies.

Sip of Sunshine™ is the world's first Anti-Aging Daily Wellness drink powered by Vitamin D (the Sunshine Vitamin), Selenium, and the body's most powerful antioxidant, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). This high-tech fusion of Essential and Beneficial Nutrients, provides an energy boost and rapidly powers your body by feeding it hypoallergenic, organically grown flower pollen extracts, the world’s first bio-available and Patented Superoxide Dismutase extract, a Proprietary Green Tea Extract, a special B-Vitamin Complex, and much more.

This Anti-Aging drink helps the body fight the damage done by dangerous free radicals, toxins and other environmental stresses most of us encounter on a daily basis. No other drink can deliver the powerful SOD. and other antioxidants that your body relies upon to help defend itself from cellular damage. Sip of Sunshine™ also helps you control your appetite to assist you in attaining your weight loss goals while boosting your immune system.

Sip of Sunshine™ is a great tasting pink lemonade flavored powdered drink made from a proprietary fusion of: GliSODin®, the first patented orally effective SOD that is an essential enzyme in protecting the body from oxidative stress; Secalate™, Flower Pollen Extract-G40 is a concentrate of life-giving micronutrient substances in a form which makes them highly Bio-Available; Progalate™, Green Tea Extract, containing 50% EGCG, clinical studies have suggested it can promote a healthy immune system and has an added benefit in maintaining and promoting a healthy weight.

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