Thursday, February 28, 2013

Where to Buy A.C.T. Energy Drink

You may have had some difficulty in figuring out how to order A.C.T. Energy Drink, I can assure you it is still available. My best piece of advice is if you are wanting the best price to sign up as a dealer if you would like to create income or as a preferred customer if you just want to buy for yourself. A direct link to Buy A.C.T. ENERGY DRINK and other drinkACT products.If you would like to get free shipping and the best savings, sign up as a dealer and order $50 or more on auto-ship every month and you will get free shipping, it's the best deal!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Youngevity / DrinkACT / Vitalagy Announcement -

Here is the video I was referring to in my last post. More info online at

DrinkACT / Vitalagy / Youngevity - The Next Chapter

About seven years ago I began a journey with a few products that are still with me...  A.C.T Energy Drink is one that has been in my life for about the past seven years or so. I am still active and we have been through changes over those years, we are still using and selling the product and we are going through another change, but everything looks great. We are now transitioning from DrinkACT to Youngevity and we will switch to a new website, new compensation plan, the product is still available, if you need help getting set up just let us know. I am still using the same website link My previous post, should include a video with a lot more information about the changes in case you find that helpful.