Wednesday, July 18, 2007 Has Its First A.C.T. Energy Drink Business Meeting in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA — had its first A.C.T. Energy Drink business meeting in Atlanta, GA in July 2007.

Several Atlanta area entrepreneurs and business leaders came together to form Team Atlanta in an effort to create awareness of A.C.T. Energy Drink in Georgia.

This was the first meeting held in Georgia. Those attending the meeting came from as far away as Canada and South America. Another follow up meeting is already being planned for September 2007 to facilitate further growth of in Georgia.

A.C.T. Energy Drink is a healthier alternative to the majority of the energy drinks widely available in the retail market. The 12 oz. cans of A.C.T. Energy Drink have 24 calories, 6 grams of carbohydrates, 5 grams of sugar, 20 mg sodium. It is manufactured with no chemical based sweeteners and no caffeine anhydrous. co-founder, Paul Gravette, gave an extended talk about how the initial concept to form and the idea to formulate A.C.T. Energy Drink came to him about four and a half years ago. He also shared many business principles that have helped him in his many business ventures in the past few decades.

“Most energy drinks are consumed by people 8-30 years of age”, Paul Gravette said. “A.C.T. has a foothold with the 40-80 year old age range since older people generally don’t drink energy drinks, but .A.C.T gives them something the other drinks don’t provide. It makes them feel better and it is better for them. Not only do they order it once, but they tend to re-order it every 30-60 days.”

In the first 30 months of business, has sold approximately 30 million of these energy drinks. will continue to partner with local Atlanta business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in profiting from energy drink business trends.

For additional information on the new that is the subject of this release, contact Sheri Johnson or visit


Sheri Johnson is a part of the Team Atlanta and operates and is widely known for heading up an international team of A.C.T. Energy Drink beverage distributors.

Contact:Sheri Johnson, Atlanta Leader

Saturday, July 14, 2007

CNBC’S FAST MONEY: “Energy drink market expected to grow 67% by 2010.”

The energy drink industry is expected to be a 10 BILLION dollar inudstry by 2010!

The A.C.T. Energy Drinks business may be the most successful beverage opportunity on the web.

In the U.S. alone, over 70 million energy drinks are served every day! Retailers around the world are allocating more and more rack space to meet the explosive demand for energy drinks. Over 31% of U.S. teenagers say they drink energy drinks, which represents 7.6 million teens, a jump of almost 3 million in three years. The number one purchase at the Army and Air Force Exchange Service Stores (AAFES) in Iraq and Afghanistan are energy drinks. It seems everyone is looking for a solution. As a result, the Energy Drink Industry is a $3.4 billion-a-year industry that grew by 80% last year.

The most impressive is the consumer audience; more than 50% of A.C.T. Energy Drink customers are between the ages of 30 to 70. These devotees are quickly building an energy drink brand that will become as common as Gatorade or Red Bull in the next few years!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New Spokesmodel for A.C.T. Energy Drink

Meet Alyssa, our newest A.C.T. Energy Drink spokesmodel. She is 16 and LOVES A.C.T. She is also starting on the Systrim Body Trim and will be documenting the results, so stay tuned for more information.

Monday, July 02, 2007

A.C.T. IS The HEALTHY Energy Drink

I was talking to a lady today who hasn’t tried A.C.T. Energy Drink….yet. She was trying to compare a.c.t. energy drink to the other energy drinks available to her locally just based on price alone. What she failed to realize until I pointed it out to her is that A.C.T. Energy Drink is not the same as the rest of the drinks. I also explained to her that the main problem with her concerns was that she had not yet tried the drink so she really wasn’t in the ideal position to be comparing the product to other energy drinks that are totally unhealthy for you. Of course a company that is making a drink that isn’t much more than a glorified soda with extra caffeine added can afford to sell them cheaper. I also went on to tell her that people who like to use healthy products are also very accustomed to paying more for the things they consume that are better for them. She also couldn’t understand how she could compete in the marketplace with a “unknown” drink that isn’t being back with heavy advertising dollars by the company that makes it. When I explained to her that this is a network marketing company that pays US to do the marketing for them, I think then she understood what I was saying. Then it all made sense to her.

If you haven’t yet tried the drink, then you wouldn’t know what you are comparing it to. After having this conversation, it made all of the sense in the world to me, that it is pretty much pointless to answer a bunch of questions to someone who hasn’t yet tried the a.c.t. energy drink. Try it first, experience how it makes you feel. Then let’s talk business.