Friday, November 17, 2006

M2C Global - How-To Video Now Online

For those who are computer or website challenged, Sheri Johnson from Atlanta, GA, has created a M2C Global How-to tutorial video to show M2C Global Dealers, customers and referral partners how to navigate the M2C Global websites and how to log in and place an order. The video is straight forward and easy to follow at a somewhat slow pace.

After continual comments from new website users about how they couldn't figure out how to order the drinks for $1 each, Sheri felt compelled to try to help people and show them how they can do this themselves.

A lot of people are still learning how to use computers and the internet and some are finding just doing email or locating a website a difficult task.

For her local M2C Dealers, Sheri has been known to sit down and show them how to do simple computer work, like how to do email and how to navigate the M2C Global website. Her understanding way of teaching basic computer skills has been appreciated by many people. Occasionally friends and acquaintances have even paid her for this service of teaching them how to use a computer. She's even traveled as far away as Chicago, IL to teach someone how to do computer work.

"It is my hope that this will at least help a few people out there who couldn't figure it out by themselves so they can learn how they can have a home-based business on the internet and feel confident enough to teach others with some practice," says Sheri.

The tutorial video can be accessed at

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

M2C Global Career Pack - Your Business In A Box!

Your Business In A Box!


  • 3 Boxes of A.C.T. Energy Drink (90 Single Serv Packs!)
  • 4 Bottles of Vitalagy (32 ounces each - 128 one ounce servings!)
  • 1 Box of STACK Weight Loss ~18 Servings of Ice Cream Drink~48 Servings of Nitro Boost~120 Servings of Tune Up Caps~1 Sport Bottle
  • 100 A.C.T. Brochures
  • 100 Stack Brochures

    Retail Value - $509.00
    Dealer Price $267.00


  • 3 Business Centers instead of only one ~ - maximize your earnings potential!
  • 3 FREE Websites...more to come!
  • Car Bonus of $400+ as a Director and above
  • 10% Matching Bonus as a Director and above


When you go to sign up, click the "Enroll Now" button to sign up, then you need to login to your new account to place your order.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wow! M2C Global - SysTrim - Stack Weight Loss

I stepped on the scale this morning expecting to see the same numbers I have seen lately and just in the past few days I dropped even more weight using Nitro Boost, Tune Up Caps, A.C.T. Energy Drink & Vitalagy daily.

I would like to remind you if you have read my updates or watched my videos or even if you haven't, that I have not been dieting. I have continued to eat out at restaurants and eat pretty much whatever I have wanted even if it wasn't the healthiest of options. And I have continued to lose weight.

Today I got really excited because I wasn't really expecting any changes, I was just stepping on the scale to make sure I haven't gained any weight. So I was really happy to see it say 120.8 lbs this morning, because I can't remember when I weighed that much - maybe shortly after I got pregnant in 2003 right after I got married.

I would like to let you know that I am fully aware of what I should be eating to maintain optimum health, however we are normal people with a 3 yr old who wants to go to McDonald's and other fast food restaurants, and we enjoy going to the local all you can eat buffets to have a family meal.

The 2006 Holidays are soon approaching and I have a goal to not gain weight during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. I will of course let you know if I achieve my goal. It is a well known fact that most people pack on the pounds during all of the family get togethers and holiday parties.

One of the number one New Year's Resolutions of a lot of people is to lose weight and get in shape. I would like to maintain or continue losing between now and the end of the year since I have come so far since June 2006. I have already lost enough weight this year that I don't want to go back to square one.

M2C Global is coming out with some new weight loss products that should be ready for the market by New Years Eve. The product that has been marketed as STACK will soon be changed to SysTrim according to M2C Global.

A new website is soon to unveil, in the meantime, you can learn more about Stack Weight Loss - soon to be called SysTrim Weight Management can be found at

If you want to get the products at manufacturer pricing you can simply sign up for free into the referral program, click where it says "Enroll Now"

Friday, November 10, 2006

M2C Global Promotional Items for Dealers

Sheri Johnson, M2C Global Dealer in Atlanta, GA and owner of ChristianWebConcepts, a Web Design Firm dedicated to helping small businesses market themselves on the internet, has developed a line of promotional items (generic) for all M2C Global Dealers to generate interest in A.C.T. Energy Drink. Buttons, Shirts and other items can be imprinted with the saying "Ask me for a FREE Energy Drink" It is an eye catching design. All of the white and light colored shirts are printed on the front and the back so it doesn't matter whether someone is talking to you or standing behind you in line at the store, they can read the message on your shirt and ask you for a free sample of your energy drink. There are currently 42 items available for printing.

Thursday, November 09, 2006 is a new website featuring A.C.T. Energy Drink which is manufactured and distributed by M2C Global. M2C stands for "manufacturer to consumer" which means that they ship directly to the end customer and the great part is those that enroll in the referral program can earn daily checks for telling people about A.C.T.

Some dealers (as M2C Global calls them) are earning on average anywhere from $100-$3,000 a day every day after working their businesses for a few months to a year and they are having a great time doing it. A handful of dealers have made it to the higher levels of the compensation plan and have already earned their free car bonuses.

Excitement is building since the energy drink market is growing and sales continue to increase. Many people are looking for a healthier option but still want their energy. A.C.T. offers the ideal solution without the caffeine and sugar that most drinks are filled with. Why are people buying it like crazy? Well, it really is a no-brainer. It costs less than the energy drinks in your local store at only $1 a drink, it works faster, lasts longer and is much better for your body.

Try it for 3-4 days in a row and you will know why over 8 million servings have been sold in the first 16 months of the drink being offered on the market. If you don't like it, you have 90 days to return it to get your money back.

To get A.C.T. at manufacturer's pricing, you simply sign up for the referral program for free and login to your own website that is also given to you for free to place your order.