Tuesday, December 05, 2006

M2C Global - The Checks Are Real - What a Business Opportunity!

I know with anything there are going to be skeptics, but to confirm that the checks that M2C Global sends are real, I couldn't resist the opportunity to document the fact that I am about to deposit 4 checks and another Free Box of 60 A.C.T. Drinks should also be delivered to my house today. All I have done is told other people about A.C.T. both in person and via the internet.

M2C Global allows people to enroll in their referral program for free and provides them with their own free websites so that it is super easy to tell people about the products and the business opportunity. It is as simple as giving someone a sample of A.C.T. along with your website address. I also like to share a story about the first time I tried the A.C.T. Energy Drink.

I have tried other energy drinks in the past - Red Bull, KMX, XS, etc. Many of them are loaded with sugar, which I found to be not so good. It left me with "yuck mouth". And of course lots of energy drinks loaded with sugar is also going to cause you to gain weight, not an ideal result. I also try to avoid chemical sweeteners, so those sugar free drinks are normally sweetened with artificial sweeteners. A.C.T. is sweetened with a natural calorie free herb called stevia. I already have been using stevia for coffee and tea and baking, so I was pleased to find a drink that is made with it.

The other thing that gets people's attention is that A.C.T. costs less than most of the energy drinks available in your local stores. If you enroll in the referral program you get A.C.T. for $1 each.

If you haven't yet tried A.C.T., you owe it to yourself to order it and try it for 1 week. With my first sample, I knew it was different by the way I felt. I would love to hear your A.C.T. story too. To order your A.C.T. go to http://www.GotEnergyDrink.com