Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Keto Caramel Low Carb Protein Shake & Bars

I just tried these new KETO Caramel products and let me tell you they are AMAZING! I have been following a ketogenic way of eating for most of this year so I have been doing my very best to keep my carbs super low and proteins high and these products fall right in line with my needs. If you read the ingredient list, you too will be surprised of all the healthy stuff they have packed into these.  With the KETO CARAMEL Shake mix, I prepared it with some really good cold coffee, add a scoop of the Keto Caramel shake mix, some ice and blend, it tastes like you are drinking a healthy "Starbucks" drink.  The KETO CARAMEL BARS will remind you of a decadent dessert, sweet and chocolatey. I gathered all the info and put onto one page for your convenience to learn about it. To order, visit You can simply search for "KETO" and it should come up, but if you need help finding it or are looking for any other health or nutritional products, let me know, as I am more than happy to help.