Saturday, February 10, 2007

M2C Global - Incredible Growth This Week

This week has proven to be the best week I have ever seen since I began with M2C Global. Excitement is building and sharp business minded people are looking at this business and evaluating it quickly and joining when they see what we have to offer.

The smartest move these people are making is coming in with The Career Pack as their first order. For anyone that has a head for business, this is a no-brainer to get a sampling of all of the products and having 90 sample packets of A.C.T. Energy Drink to use and share with their best business prospects. It really is a complete business in a box in addition to the free websites the company also provides to all dealers.

Those who really see the vision may share with their friends immediately before their order even arrives and get 3 friends to partner with them in this business and win an extra $300 Cash by the Sunday February 11th deadline (midnight CST). And that doesn't even include the normal commissions they would receive.

Those who choose to join the Global Success Mentor team headed up by M2C Global Leader Sheri Johnson from Atlanta, GA also enjoy additional benefits with their upline leaders and mentors with additional free sites and top notch training and support.

Everyone is super focused on achieving their goals before the upcoming M2C Global convention in Dallas, TX in April 2007 currently scheduled for the weekend of the 21st. Contact us to get scheduled for the weekly free tour and luncheon at M2C Global each Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30 am CST in Carrollton, TX. We would be glad to reserve you a spot if you contact us in advance.